D-Link Router Default Login, Password and Wireless Settings

D-Link is one of the most popular broadband routers used by millions of people across different locations. As the D-Link routers provide the best services to all the users, most of them prefer this brand. At the time of purchase, the manufacturer will provide a default username and password to the router. Not only the D-Link router, this would be common for different router brands and models.

For almost all the broadband routers, an IP address, username, and password are must acquire the admin access. By gaining the admin access, one could easily finish the router setup process without any difficulty. By default, all the routers will have specific credentials set to gain the access. Likewise all the routers, D-Link routers do have a default username and password as well as the default IP address.

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For the D-Link routers, the users require a password so as to secure their network. Securing a router with password protection is good for a strong reason. Some of the settings that are quite crucial on D-Link routers include the port forwarding options, wireless password settings, and DNS servers. In this post, our readers can get complete information about D-Link routers’ default login credentials like the username, password, and other wireless settings. Check it out!

D-Link Default Login Username & Password

D-Link is actually the brand of a router which has gained massive popularity among the public. There are a plethora of models designed for the D-Link router. Sometimes, the same default login details won’t be allotted to all the models of this D-Link router. In some cases, the default information might vary from one router model to the other.

Despite having a default username and password, it is recommended to alter the default password for security concern. However, for the first time, you need to use the default login credentials in order to access the administrative console. Only then, the users will be able to log into the admin page and make necessary settings. By doing so, the users will understand the way to access the wireless settings of their D-Link router.

The default login details for the D-Link routers will vary from one model to the other as mentioned earlier. However, most of the models can be easily accessed just with the help of a combination of them. Here is a list of few popular D-Link models, the default username, and default password. Take a look!

D-Link Model                                                      Default Username                Default Password

DI-514, DI-524, DI-604, DI-704, DI-804                      admin                                     (none)

DGL-4100, DGL-4300, DI-701                                         (none)                                    (none)

Others                                                                                     admin                                     admin

There are several models of D-Link router. However, we have just mentioned the most familiar router models here.

How to Reset a D-Link Router?

Resetting a router is nothing but erasing the custom settings done by the user and replacing them with the default details. It means that you are transforming your router into the one that you have actually purchased. All this can be done i.e., you can reset your D-Link router just with a tiny physical button. You can find a reset button on your D-Link router. For resetting the device, you need to long press that button for more time.

By doing so, the reset process will be finished. Then, all the default credentials like the IP address, username and default password will be restored back. You can view your device like a newly shipped device at the time of purchase. Some other custom options that you have made earlier will be removed as well. If required, you can make the custom options like wireless SSID, DHCP settings and more after the reset process is done.

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