Forgot iPhone Password? Here’s the Fix

Are you an iPhone user? If so, this post is truly beneficial for you, guys. Have you ever confronted issues whilst accessing your iPhone? It is quite common that most of the people might forget their device’s password some or the other time. Forgetting an iPhone password might leave you upset as your day-to-day activities are associated with that gadget. Unlike Android and other platforms, recovering your iPhone password is quite a challenging process.

On an iPhone, we have passcode feature which helps the users to keep their phone protected from theft. This passcode secures your personal data from the prying eyes. What if, when you forget your iPhone passcode? For Apple users, there are just 6 attempts to enter the passcode for unlocking their device.

How to fix forgot iPhone password - passcode

Trying to enter a wrong passcode for 6 times will trigger a message saying that your iPhone has been disabled. In order to evade this, we have come up with the best solution. Just follow the below guide that helps the users to regain their access to their iPhone. Check out the detailed tutorial given in this post!

How to Fix ‘Forgot iPhone Password’ Issue?

In order to fix the ‘forgot iPhone password’ problem, there is only one solution. But, this solution might be slightly bitter. The only way is to erase the data on your iPhone and restore the backup. By erasing the whole data on your iPhone will remove the old and forgotten passcode from the device. This will enable the users to set a new passcode for the iPhone once again.

It might appear quite intense, but it would definitely add up when you view it from the security point of view. In case, if you lost your iPhone stolen by someone then, you don’t want others to access your data so easily. For not making your iPhone unlock so easily through bypassing the passcode, you need to certainly set a typical passcode. The problem arises when you forget that critical passcode.

You don’t have to tense anymore. By erasing the complete data on your iPhone, you can regain access to the device. This thing doesn’t seem like a problem if you have already backed up the data on your iPhone. Try to make it a custom of doing back up to an iPhone on a frequent basis. If you hadn’t back up the device, you might lose the data that you have added to your device between the last sync with iCloud and when you restore it.

3 Ways to Fix Forgotten iPhone Password/Passcode

Here are the three simple ways or options that help the users to fix their forgotten iPhone passcode issue. The fundamental way is to erase the data from an iPhone, remove the passcode and start using your device freshly. We have three different options for erasing the data on an iPhone. It includes the following:

Method 1: Erase Data using iTunes

You can fix a forgotten iPhone passcode through iTunes if you have access to your iPhone physically. By syncing it on a frequent basis with a computer, you can fix it with much ease. If you have the same computer with which you have done the sync earlier then, this is the perfect option for fixing your forgotten iPhone passcode issue. Follow the steps below to erase complete data from your iPhone with iTunes.

  • Initally, connect your iPhone with your computer.
  • Open iTunes store from your device.

Forgot iPhone Passcode - backup using itunes

  • Just tap Restore iPhone button on the screen.
  • You can then select your device in iTunes >> Restore the device through the backup you’ve done recently.
  • That’s it! Now, you can set a new passcode to your iPhone.

Method 2: Erase Data using iCloud

The second method to fix the forgotten iPhone password is to erase the data using iCloud. This is the perfect option if you have enabled ‘Find My iPhone’ on your iOS device. You can make use of your iCloud account in order to erase the data from an iPhone. If you don’t have access to the device or you have synced the device with iCloud instead of iTunes then, this is the best option.

Method 3: Regain Access to iPhone using Recovery Mode

This is another best option if you haven’t synced the device neither using iCloud nor iTunes. In such a situation, you may not have your backed up data. Then, there is a risk of losing the data which is present on your device. Even if you lose the complete data, you may have the ability to access the phone again. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer and navigate to iTunes.
  • All you need to do is to reboot the device.
  • You can then click on Restore option.

What After Erasing the Data on iPhone?

After erasing the data from your iPhone completely using any of the above options, you can see the iPhone in the condition like you have took it out of the box just now. Later, you need to follow the below steps:

Set up from the scratch: You need to set up your iPhone right from the scratch after erasing the data. You can select this option if you don’t wish restoring any of the old data on your phone.

Restore Backup: If you have the data backup on iCloud or iTunes, you can place it back again on your iPhone by choosing this option.

Redownload the Content: If you don’t have the backup, you can redownload anything in a virtual manner that you’ve acquired from iTunes or books store.

Wrapping Up

This is the simple way to regain access to your iPhone if you forgot the iPhone passcode/password. The passcode feature on iPhone is truly beneficial in security perspective but it might be bad if you forget the password. Despite struggling to get back your access to your iPhone, it is strongly advised to set a passcode to evade from data theft.

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