How to Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently

We have innumerable social networking sites available on the web. Among them, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks especially beneficial for those seeking to secure their privacy. For those who are not completely aware of LinkedIn, let me give a quick description of it. LinkedIn is a prevalent used business and employment-oriented service that carries out its functions through websites and various mobile apps.

Delete LinkedIn Account permanently

LinkedIn is fundamentally used for the purpose of networking among the professionals. People who are looking for a job opportunity can excel their skills by creating a LinkedIn profile and wait for a golden chance. People say that LinkedIn is the best social network that renders various privacy controlling features to all the users.

Despite its excellent services, some of them don’t show their interest in sharing their data with others. In such a case, deleting a LinkedIn account is the only solution. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to delete the LinkedIn account permanently.

What is LinkedIn?

Originally, the LinkedIn social networking services were initiated in the year 2003. Since then, millions of professionals have started using this platform. Most of them use LinkedIn for the purpose of knowing the latest job openings and more. The job hunters post their resumes on LinkedIn from more than 200 countries across the world.

LinkedIn Profile

The major functionality of LinkedIn service is that it lets the users create profiles comprising their resume. By giving a brief description of their work experience and other skills, the members of this site could gain an opportunity to maintain professional relationships. The developers have launched a mobile version of LinkedIn making it easy for the users to access their profile directly from their mobile phone.

This service has provided the best platform for those who have top-notch skills in different fields. Despite offering numerous services to all the users, there are few limitations on LinkedIn. For that reason, people might plan to delete their LinkedIn account permanently. This post explains a detailed tutorial about the method to delete the LinkedIn profile permanently.

How to Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently?

Deleting your LinkedIn account doesn’t indicate that your data is wiped out immediately from your profile. Your data won’t be removed instantly from the backup drives. There are certain privacy policies on LinkedIn. As per the policy, LinkedIn will hold your data as long as you use your account actively.

LinkedIn has much care about your privacy compared to other social networks. By contacting the LinkedIn customer service, you can request for deleting your data anytime on your profile. The officials at LinkedIn will respond to your account deletion request within 30 days. Follow the simple steps provided below that assists the users to delete a LinkedIn account permanently.

Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently – Step-by-Step Guide

  • First of all, log in to your account and tap ‘Privacy & Settings’ option from the Menu present at the top right of the LinkedIn page.

Delete LinkedIn - Account and Settings

  • On the next page, click the Account tab. Just scroll down and tap ‘Change’ button under ‘Closing your LinkedIn account’ option.

LinkedIn account subscriptions

  • You need to provide the reason behind the deletion of LinkedIn account from the list of reasons.

Select reason for deleting LinkedIn account

  • Otherwise, you can provide your own reason by tapping ‘Other’ checkbox.
  • Later, tap Continue button for confirming the deletion.

Other reason for LinkedIn account deletion

  • LinkedIn then carries out a verification process for your account to close it permanently.

Close Account Verification

  • Hit the button ‘Verify Account’.
  • You can then view the consequences that you might confront after closing your LinkedIn account.

Close LinkedIn account permanently

  • Just tap ‘Close Account’ option to continue the permanent account deletion.
  • You will be logged out of your account and you may not access it forever.

Close LinkedIn Account

  • After deleting the account, you will receive a mail within 24 hours suggesting you to create a new LinkedIn account.
  • That’s it! This is the simple process to delete or close your LinkedIn account permanently.

How to Hide your LinkedIn Profile?

Once you have altered or disabled your public profile on LinkedIn, it might take few months for permanently deleting your account. Even, when your friends search for your profile, the results must be removed from the search engine. Without deleting your LinkedIn account permanently, there is a possibility to hide your LinkedIn profile from others.

The users can hide their LinkedIn profile from Google search results. Luckily, LinkedIn provides an option to conceal the profile from the search engines. However, it takes at least several weeks for making your LinkedIn profile invisible.

  • On LinkedIn account, go to Profile >> Edit Profile from the drop-down menu.
  • On this menu, you can make some adjustments in making your appearance in the search results.
  • Scroll down and tap the option ‘Customize your public profile URL’.
  • You can customize your public profile URL by changing the URL.
  • From now, none of them could locate your public profile on LinkedIn.

Wrap Up

This is the detailed guide on how to close your LinkedIn profile permanently by deleting the information from your account. Even, we have included the method to hide your LinkedIn Profile from others in this post. If you have any doubts about LinkedIn account deletion, just drop your queries in the comments section at the end of this page.

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