How to Wipe a Hard Drive Windows and Mac (Erase Everything)

Disk Protection is one of the most vital things whoever using the hard drive. The files present in the disk requires a backup at one time or the other from the day of initial purchase. Most of the time, people try to back up their external drives like a hard drive for some valid reasons. Some include installing a new operating system, selling your PC or making settings to the external drive. In all these cases, you need to wholly erase and format the hard drive.

Whenever you set up a hard drive for the first time on a computer, you need to format it via a file system. The file systems will vary from one operating system to the other. It means, different OS such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux use various file systems so as to manage and secure the data. A file system is truly essential for numerous requirements. Some of the popular file systems on various operating systems include NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, HFS Plus and a lot more. This post explains the detailed ways to wipe off data from an external or hard drive on Windows and Mac OS X.

Erase Hard Drive on Windows & Mac

Windows and MAC are the popular operating systems that render an easy procedure to erase everything off the hard drive. In order to make sure that the complete data from a hard drive has been erased, you must totally reinstall the OS. When you try to erase your hard drive, you might confront some issues that eventually turns your work unsuccessful. In such a case, the latest advanced tools come into the picture.

Format external drive on Windows and Mac

There is a simple methodology to wipe out the data completely from the hard drive. However, as we are in a technically advanced realm, one can make use of the best-advanced tools. EaseUS partition is a significant tool that lets the users wipe off a hard drive on Windows PCs and laptops. Even if you purchase a new hard drive, we suggest you format them before using it.

How to Wipe a Hard Drive on Windows?

Here is a step-by-step procedure that helps the users to wipe off a hard drive on Windows OS using the best EaseUS Partition tool.

  • Initially, download the latest version of EaseUS Partition software program on your Windows device.
  • Finish the installation procedure by following the simple on-screen steps.

Format hard drive windows - EaseUS partition

  • After successfully installing this software, you can launch the software.
  • Upon landing on the homepage, you can choose the hard disk or SSD that you use.
  • Just right-click on the hard drive option and tap ‘Wipe data’ option.

Wipe data on hard drive with advanced tool

  • The Wipe data window appears on the screen that enables you to set the number of times to wipe the data.
  • After entering the number, you can hit the OK button.

Wipe off external drive on Windows

  • Once the disk erases is recommended, it asks whether to restart your computer or not.
  • Hit OJ button and Apply.
  • The hard drive will be formatted successfully on your Windows operating system.

This is the simple procedure to erase and wipe off everything from a hard drive on Windows operating system using EaseUS partition tool.

General Method to Format Hard Drive on Windows

In order to format a hard drive on your Windows device, just follow the below steps:

  • First of all, connect your hard drive to the computer in the respective slot.
  • On your PC, navigate to Windows Explorer and go to Computer section present on the sidebar.
  • This is the place where you can find your hard drive.
  • Just right lick on the hard drive and select the option ‘Format’.

Erase or format hard drive on Windows

  • Under the section ‘File System’, you can select the file system that you wish to use.
  • Under the section ‘Volume Label’, you need to provide a name to the hard drive and view the ‘Quick Format’ box.
  • Hit the button ‘Start’ to commence formatting the drive.
  • The formatting procedure might take few seconds. Once the drive format is done, you will get a notification indicating the same.
  • After that, you can open the drive in Windows Explorer and you can start dragging required files to it. Otherwise, you can start the back up on your PC.

Format Hard Drive on Mac

Follow the simple steps provided below to format an external drive on a Mac OS X:

  • First of all, open Finder and navigate to Applications/Utilities.
  • Just double tap the Disk Utility option.
  • You need to pick your hard drive present on the left-hand sidebar and navigate to the Erase tab.

Erase data on hard drive on Mac

  • Under the ‘Format’ menu, select the file system you wish to use.
  • You can then provide a name to the hard drive and tap ‘Erase’ button.
  • This way, you can format or erase the data completely from the hard drive on our Mac OS.

Wrap Up

This is all you need to know about the easy process to wipe off everything from a hard drive on your Windows and Mac OS.

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